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OrigenAE S210 Lays Down Gauntlet for Home Theater PCs

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Ear to the ground, I hear rumblings of enormously powerful home theater PCs on their way down the tracks. Here's one prototype computer case, the Origen AE S210, that lets you pack a dozen hard drives into its rather corpulent form factor. A crucial attribute for home theaters is quietude, and this baby has a 140mm cooling fan that s said to be as quiet as a church mouse. Fold down the AE S210 s 12-inch widescreen touchscreen display and you'll see a DVD drive and an assortment of flash card readers concealed back there. Also hidden somewhere are dual IR receivers. I'd prefer to have a Blu-ray or HD DVD drive nestled inside by the time this monster ships this summer or fall. Come to think of it, with all that disk space, who cares about plastic removable DVD-like objects? If the release date slides toward the end of the year, who knows, you might be able to cram 12TB worth of disks into this strappin thug. No word on price yet, but all that hard diskage will probably constitute most of the total expense.


Question: what's up with that 12-inch screen on the front? Wouldn't that be distracting in a home theater? Seems like it would be fine for an ber file server, but I hope you can dim down that flat panel when the movie starts.

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