Orlando Airport Kicks Out The TSA

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Responding to outcry about the TSA's scanning, Orlando's Sanford Airport has invoked a little-known clause that allows them to replace the TSA with one of five approved third-party security firms, citing "more accountability and better customer service." Here's hoping. [WDBO]


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It doesn't matter, This Private Security Company will still ask you to remove your sneakers and belts, and pull your laptop and liquids out. If the gov't (FAA, TSA Guidelines) requires scatter-xray images they will still use that machine.. (read article)

Remember next time you are in line at security getting ready to fly, treat the security agent with respect and friendliness. Having to deal with grumpy assholes all day does not make them friendly and courteous. Whether they are TSA or Private Security.

Skyjacking history, please note the drop since pre-flight security has been enforced.

1948-1957—- 15

1958-1967 —- 48

1968-1977—- 414

1978-1987—- 260

1988-1997 —- 180

1997-2007—- 12

2001-2010—-6 (post 9/11)