Orphan Black Sneak Peek Is Filled With Clone Tension

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It's almost time to welcome back the magnificent clone drama Orphan Black and we are absolutely mad with anticipation. And now the first image from the new season and interview with show creator Graeme Manson has raised our Season Three expectations even higher. Spoilers!


Dammit, this show needs to come back right now! In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Manson revealed the first-ever shot from the new season. And that shot is loaded with intrigue. On the right you have newly discovered clone character played by Ari Millen, and on the left our hero Tatiana Maslany (presumably playing Sarah). In the interview with Manson, the creator said that this scenes happens shortly after where we left off in Season Two, new clone reveal! He also explained that this season will pick up fast; there's not "six months later" jump. But this is NOT the clone that we spent time with on the clone farm last year. This is a new male clone. This is "Rudy."

Obviously, this leaves a lot of questions about Mark (the first version of the male clone that we met in Season Two). Alas, Manson will only talk about Mark in questions, "Is Mark a traitor? Is Mark undercover? Like everyone else on Orphan Black, Mark has divided loyalties."

Manson later goes on to say that Miller (who plays the new boy clone band) will portray a vast number of things, "[Sarah is] the one that the audience roots for, so when these guys show up, it's fantastic that we've got this new diverse villain in the form of clones—villains or whatever they may turn out to be. " And then he throws out the adjectives "badass, sexy, vulnerable," so we've got all these sorts of varied personalities to look forward to. Can't freaking wait.

The full interview is very great, and super interesting (without really saying much about the new season in detail). Read the entire thing over at Entertainment Weekly.



People keep telling me I need to watch this... Is it worth it? Or should I go back to Star Trek reruns on Netflix?