Orwell, Guthrie, and No Sleep: How Wikipedia's MVP Got to One Million Edits

Just about everyone you know uses Wikipedia. But that deep library of information—nearly 4 million entries—didn't get there by accident. In fact, a surprising number of them came from Justin Knapp, who is the first person to make more than one million edits on the site. We've got him here live taking your questions.


Justin says he spends hours each day working on the online encyclopedia. And what began seven years ago as research for a school project has turned into somewhat of a labor of love.

"I've never accepted any restitution for my work on Wikipedia-it's purely voluntary," he said. "While paid editing is not strictly forbidden, it's strongly discouraged. Editing these projects is relaxing and rewarding-those are both premiums in any prospective job."

The crown jewel of his Wikipedia editing is the George Orwell bibliography, which he spent about a hundred hours perfecting. He's also does a lot of editing on Woody Guthrie entires, and he enjoys organizing various album entries. But those are only a small part of his contributions.

Want to know more about Justin? He'll be here starting at 11am EST to take your questions.


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