Illustration for article titled Otters Making Home Videos Of Passing Photojournalists In Monterey Bay

Ready to bow down to the otters as they slowly but inexorably take over our planet with their new grasp on human technology? No? What, you thought maybe it was going to be the dolphins?


HA! Dolphins. Because they have sex for fun? Please. The otters are already making iMovie videos of said "relations" and sending them to TMZ to get some of that sweet famous-for-nothing street cred.

They're also filming us:

"I was like, did I actually see an otter with a video camera or was I hallucinating?" said Wildlife photographer Enrique Aguirre.

The screen on Aguirre's digital camera soon confirmed what he'd seen: an otter floating on its back, video camera grasped in its paws, lens aimed at the boat of excited photographers. The humans had a bad angle, but Aguirre managed to snap a single clear shot before the otter dived, video camera in tow.

"He's the only one who got the photo," said the boat's captain, Yohn Gideon.

And just a quick warning about the Santa Cruz Sentinel source link below: It contains one of the most awful play on words headlines I've ever read. [Santa Cruz Sentinel via Neatorama]


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