Welcome to another week of apps. Android gets a DIY smartphone kill switch, iPhones can now use one of the best photo editors ever made, and Windows Phone gets a new browser for your internet viewing pleasure. Let’s take a look.




Sometimes, you need a break from smartphone-ing, and in a 21st-century example of irony—your smartphone can help! This time its an app called Flipd, a no-nonsense app that cuts you off from your smartphone and shows no quarter. Once you select a determined time-out time and hit “Flip Off,” you’re locked out. You can select certain contacts that you can still call if need be, but that’s pretty much it. Smartphones are wonderful communication devices, but they can be excellent distraction machines as well. [Free]



So livestreaming while gaming is a big thing with mega-corporations figuring out how to make it even bigger. Kamcord may not have the deep pockets of your Googles and your Amazons, but they do have a fantastic little app that lets you stream your mobile gaming skillz to the masses. Now I can finally give my friend real proof that I can destroy him at Hearthstone. [Free]

PBS Video


This is the definition of “a long time coming.” PBS has FINALLY let loose its video app for Android, bringing lots of pretty kickass programming from the Public Broadcasting Company right to your pocket. That means awesome stuff from Nova and Nature among many other things. Totally worth the price of nothing. [Free]




So yeah. This app comes from Quartz. It’s a keyboard with every country’s flag. That’s it. [Free]



So this app technically didn’t come out this week, but I somehow missed it in weeks past so I’m righting an unforgivable wrong. Pixelmator is a respected photo editing app for iPad and now it’s finally been shrunk down for your iPhone. Why try Pixelmator over the other zillion photo editors out there? Well, this one is not for the casual Instagramming faint of heart. This has serious tools for serious artists. Of course, enthusiasts can find things to enjoy, there’s all kinds of photo editing tools and even dozens and dozens of different brushes and effects. It’s easily the best $5 to spend on upping your photo game. [$5]



Dot has a lot going for it. For one, its name is derived from Carl Sagan’s famous “Pale Blue Dot” speech. It also happens to be a super fun way for social mapping among friends. Literally, you can place a dot on a map and describe what the dot is for all your friends also using the app. Like...a cool mural? Dot. Awesome restaurant? Dot. Nice gas station bathroom and you don’t even need to buy anything to use it? Dot. It’s a cool idea if you can your friends and cohorts on board. [Free]

Windows Phone

Opera Mini

Opera has been a great mobile operating system on iOS and Android for years, and yeah, now Windows is getting in on the fun. Along with have a great UI, Opera Mini also compresses data so you’re not absolutely nomming away on your data plan. Give it a shot so you can experience the internet looking through a whole new window. [Free]




I hate shopping! Ok, I don’t hate it but I don’t like having to walk from store to store to store ultimately finding nothing that a.) looks good b.) fits my freakishly slim frame c.) doesn’t require me to open a loan. Wish can make all that a lot easier AND I don’t even have to leave my apartment (which is good because I am binge watching X-Files on Netflix right now). [Free]