Our Favorite Kotaku Posts of the Day

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Matt and I are winding down Gizmodo's E3 coverage, but Kotaku is still Kotakuizing away. Here are some posts the gamers among you shouldn't miss:

Tim Schafer Responds To Activision's Brutal Legend Lawsuit
(Tim Schafer, maker of games like Day of the Tentacle and Psychonauts, is God.)
Nintendo Thinks Conan O'Brien Mario Homage Is "Great"
MAG Preview: Generic Action Game


Home Now Supports Photo Sharing
Impressions of Explosively Cute Critter Crunch
(Kotaku's E3 contest winner makes an appearance.)
First Image Of Metal Gear Arcade


Bioshock 2 Multiplayer Impressions: That Sinking Feeling
Plus-Sized Fat Princess E3 Trailer
(This game actually looks really fun, like Castle Crashers in 3D)
Will Team Ninja Take The Slutty Route With Samus?


And our lead pic is from Eyes On With Invizimals: When Pokemon Meets Ghostbusters.