Our Favorite TV Shows Never Really Leave Us

Everyone has favorite shows. Look at Breaking Bad. Fans are everywhere right now. And like Breaking Bad all shows must meet a noble or ignominious end. But that doesn't mean we stop loving them. Or hating them so much that we are oddly fascinated and can't stop watching. That's why Offerpop took a look at which shows have the most likes on Facebook and how these fans break down.

The infographic tracks 25 off the air shows, which average 6.44 seasons on air, 14 years off the air, and 5.23 million likes each. Tom and Jerry is a great show, but you might not have any sense of scale in terms of its Facebook likes. It has 20.7 million. Some of the shows on the list may be more surprising than others (ahem Doug), but when you think back they're all shows that had some type of cultural moment or created one by being cancelled. Yeah, actually Doug was pretty great. [All Facebook]


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