Our iMac Arrives, Walkthrough On The Way

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Look at what Apple sent us. We got the new iMac (complete with ultra-thin keyboard), iLife '08, iWork '08 and a Panasonic HDC-SD1 camcorder for testing out the revamped iMovie. If there are questions about these new products you want addressed, leave a comment below and we'll get to it in our walkthrough.



Because Panasonic makes quality products and it's probably the camera of choice by the designer who made the new features in iMovie.

Not to mention, what better way to get traction in the market for your new product then by making a deal with apple to promote it at the keynote? I see it as good business for both parties. What is the issue here?

If you had taken the time to watch the 20 minute walk through for iLife on the Apple website, you would know that the changes to iMovie were made because a designer for Apple went scuba diving on vacation and when he came back, he wanted to have the ability to make a quick movie to show the highlights of his adventure. But he found that neither iMovie nor any other pro tools had the features to do what he wanted to do.

So what does he do? He writes his own code for iMovie which adds the functionality to make a quick movie in about 30 minutes.

Sounds awesome to me!