Our Picks for WonderCon

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Maybe you're heading out to annual scifi/comic book convention WonderCon in San Francisco this weekend, or maybe you're just going to be reading our coverage of it and cursing us for being lucky enough to drink shots off the stomachs of cosplayers. Either way, you might not want to wade through the entire conference program trying to figure out what to do next. That's why the dorks at io9 have whipped up this handy, slightly-annotated program for you. It's full of what we consider the highlights of the weekend, though we couldn't include ALL the cool stuff — so be sure to check over the WonderCon program yourself to make sure we haven't skipped over your favorite things. Check out our picks below.



1:30 Battlestar Galactica panel with Richard Hatch
Who doesn't love Richard Hatch? Certainly not the man himself.

2:00 Spotlight on Astro City
Meet Kurt Busiek and Brent Anderson, writer and artist of this awesome indie comic.

4:00 Spotlight on Darwyn Cooke
Hear the latest from the writer/artist behind DC: The New Frontier.

5:00 DC Nation
This is when DC makes all its announcements for what's coming up next for the oldest comic book publisher around. Graeme warns, "This might be boring."

5:30 Boom Studios
The scoop on what Boom is up to.

5:15 Universal Studios movie preview blah blah MEET KRISTIN BELL
Seriously we don't know or care what this dumb movie is. But KRISTIN BELL! We only refer to her in all caps, OK?


6:15 Sneak Peek at Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D with Brendan Fraser
OK — you've got a goofy movie, you've got 3D, you've got Brendan Fraser. Let's all ask about that cool cell phone reception at the center of the Earth.


7:00 Sneak Peek of Appleseed Ex Machina Bioroids and cyborgs in love. Annalee says, "Hellz yeah!"



12: Comic Book Arts Session with Douglas Wolk
Wolk, author of the terrific book Reading Comics, gets all smartypants on you by talking about the ways comics could become the new "novel of ideas."


1:30 DC U Countdown to Crisis, followed by Spider-Man panel at 3:00 in the same room
"This could get really weird — apparently there was some kind of incident with the Spider-Man fans last year," says Graeme.

1:30 Making an R2D2
We're gonna make one. Oh yes. We will.

2:00 X-Files preview.
With special guests Gillian Anderson and that guy from Red Shoe Diaries.


3:00 Comic Book Legal Defense Fund's live art jam
Jim Lee and Terry Moore drawing shit live on stage while you watch. Hellz yeah.

3:30 Brian Wood and Becky Cloonan
Beloved creators Wood and Cloonan talk about their work and share an "exclusive announcement."


4:00 Iron Man sneak peek
We are hoping to hurl some iron underwear on stage.

4:00 Hang out with J. Michael Straczynski
He's written Spider-Man; he's written World War Z (the movie); and he wears a cool black hat.


5:00 Inside LucasFilm
Hello? Star Wars? Duh we're going to this.

5:00 Vertigo
The latest from Vertigo, publishers of pretty much every cool comic book we read this year.


5:00 Sneak Peek: Starship Troopers

5:30 Sneak Peek: Gabriel

io9 co-sponsors a party with Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and Last Gasp. Ten bucks at the door — all proceeds go to CBLDF's fight for free speech in the world of comics. Come out, say hi, get drunk with us!



11:30 Japanese Superheroes Now!
Giant monsters will be discussed. Need we say more?


1:00 Jericho Sneak Peek

1:00 WildStorm: Revelations Revealed!
Catch up with the publishers of Astro City, and chit-chat with Jim Lee, editorial director. Apparently a revelation will be revealed. Graeme is really amped.


2:30 Terminator Sneak Peek
Charlie is freaking out about this. In a good way.

3:30 Justice League: The New Frontier (encore sneak peek)
Encore sneak for people who did things like party on Saturday night instead of going to Justice League!


Picture above by the awesome Scott Beale, taken at last year's WonderCon.


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