Ex-Apple Exec Scott Forstall Finds New Career as City College Model

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You thought you'd heard the last of Scott Forstall when he was ousted from his Cupertino corner office a little more than a year ago over the Apple Maps fiasco. But friend of Gizmodo Don Lehman just spotted Mr. Forstall's rebirth, as unsuspecting model for a student charge card at City College in New York.

You might recognize the hokey headshot as Forstall's official photo from when he was Apple's SVP of iOS Software. It's presumably being used all over City College facilities, almost certainly without his knowledge. The above photo was taken outside a sandwich shop near the CCNY campus in Harlem. A quick Google search turns up Forstall in the announcement for the new card.


We emailed City College public relations to ask them what the hell this is all about. We tried to reach Jonathan A. Anderson as well, but he doesn't appear to exist. [Don Lehman]