Outdoor Air Conditioner: For Those Who Actually Do Want to Pay to Cool the Outdoors

Illustration for article titled Outdoor Air Conditioner: For Those Who Actually iDo/i Want to Pay to Cool the Outdoors

If there was ever an invention out there destined to piss off fathers everywhere, it's this. It's an outdoor air conditioner. Yeah, you heard that right.

Perhaps the most wasteful and idiotic product I've ever seen, this thing is designed to make those hot summer days a bit more comfortable. I mean, hey, we all know how energy efficient air conditioners are, so having one cranking away at full blast in the middle of your yard while you relax on a chair shouldn't raise your electricity bill by more than a few hundred dollars a month. Totally worth it! And it has a light on it, allowing you to see yourself being a wasteful jackass at night. Sold!

Now all they need to do is make it a bit more portable, maybe one you can wheel around behind you while you mow the lawn. Now that would be a useful invention. Or not. [Trendhunter via BornRich]

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They use a massive version of that for Radiator Springs Racers, it pumps out cool air in the loading area and it drifts over the line (supplemented by misters with high speed fans)