Over 4,800 Web Sites Erased When Australian Web Host Is Hacked

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Thousands of people in Australia are in shock after finding out their web sites are gone due to the antics of a hacker and poor network management by their web host.


Over the weekend, Australian domain registrar and web host Distribut.IT was the target of a "deliberate, premeditated and targeted attack". The attack was so extensive that data on four of the host's servers was completely trashed. But that's not the worst of it.

Distribut.IT had to make the awful confession that it never made an offsite backup of its customer's data. All website data, backups, snapshots and other server information was permanently destroyed during the attack. About 4,800 websites lost their information forever. [Sydney Morning Herald via Silicon Filter]

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You know, this illustrates I'm okay with LulzSec. They are disrupting services and compromising personal data, yes, but they are far more benign, i.e. peoples entertainment accounts, then a foreign state would be with the data they are after. LulzSec and this hacker are forerunners of an endemic threat that has heretofore been unaddressed: cybersecurity. If these breaches mean it gives the impetus to rethink our security online then good on them. They obviously know the legal risks they're taking, and if Interpol tracks them down then so be it, they knew what they were doing. However, that doesn't stop the fact that they are eye opening in the compromise of sensitive data and are early warning signs that data beyond the Playstation Network and Sega could be breached just eas easily, as evidenced by the DDoS attack on www.cia.gov.