Comcast Changed Its Net Neutrality Pledge the Day After the FCC Moved to Kill the Open Web [UPDATED]

Net neutrality protections have not yet been repealed, but it seems that ISPs are already taking their sheep costumes off to reveal the wolves beneath. In a move that will make everyone say, “of course they did,” it seems that Comcast deleted its pledge to protect the open internet the day after the FCC announced its…

Showtime's Websites May Have Used Your CPU to Mine Cryptocoin While You Binged on Twin Peaks

Over the weekend, a user on Twitter pointed out that two of Showtime’s websites had a script running in the background that’s used to hijack visitors’ CPUs to mine cryptocurrency. Other users and outlets later confirmed that the code was present. Now it’s gone, and Showtime refuses to answer questions.

How to Stop Pirate Bay and Other Sites From Hijacking Your CPU to Mine Cryptocoins

This past weekend, the popular torrenting site The Pirate Bay caught some flack for testing out a new system that used visitors’ CPU power to generate cryptocurrency profits for itself. This tactic has been around for years, but the high profile implementation signals that it’s probably time to start blocking this…