You Can Now Have What She’s Having for $1,500 a Year

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Subscription food delivery is a big thing that no one’s quite figured out how to make into a successful business. Now, New York’s iconic spot for overpriced pastrami, Katz Deli, is getting into the game. For just $1,500 a year, you can moan in orgasmic culinary glee from the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the country. If you have more money to blow, Katz has even pricier options.


Even if you don’t know Katz Deli, you probably know it from the pop culture media machine of NYC. Most famously, it was featured in the scene from When Harry Met Sally in which Meg Ryan fakes an orgasm while eating a turkey sandwich. It’s a full-fledged tourist trap that will charge you $20 for a sandwich, it’s always crowded, and someone around you will oftentimes ruin your appetite trying to recreate Ryan’s big moment. But the food’s pretty decent, and according to Bloomberg, the people behind it have finally figured out how to get it to everyone: charge the shit out of them.

The service launches in June and you can already place orders on Katz’s website.

The monthly subscription box changes with the seasons and it can be ordered in a three-month package for $450. The yearly subscription gets a little discount and goes for $1,500. Each package contains a “full meal for 4-6 people,” according to Katz’s estimates—though portions at the deli tend to be quite large.

Katz proprietor Jake Dell told Bloomberg that he’s been working out the process, tech, and shipping logistics for a while now. Not only is it an expansion of the business, but will particularly be great “for our regulars who’ve moved away but want to recreate that classic Katz experience at home.”

Outside of the basic Katz package, there are all sorts of options. Want a pound of the Turkey that Meg Ryan was eating? It’ll cost ya $32 plus shipping. A loaf of rye bread is more reasonable at $11.95. But Dell is really excited about the “Big Ticket” packages.

Inspired by Katz’ infamously draconian ticket system, in which you get a number when you walk in that serves as your check—lose the ticket and you get charged $50—Big Ticket subscriptions offer a more premium experience with the top tier Platinum Ticket costing ten grand. For that, two professional meat carvers will come to your event and serve pastrami and corned beef to 150 guests. You also get some t-shirts and the ability to skip the line at the physical deli for a year.

No, this thing isn’t going to put Blue Apron out of business, but if you absolutely have to try that pastrami and you live in Wichita Falls, it’s cheaper than a plane ticket.





It’s definitely a tourist trap because it’s riduculously expensive, but the pastrami was the best sandwich I ever had in my life and was big enough to split with my wife. So not really the worst way to get ripped off in NYC.