Unless you're a dashing secret agent who needs to woo the ladies, cufflinks are not exactly everyday dress attire for the average gent. So when the opportunity does arise to get spiffied up, consider this stylish new set from Richard Mille featuring a simple push-button mechanism made from lightweight titanium.

Dressing with the cufflinks is made extra easy thanks to a pair of bars that retract at the push of a button. But that's where the simplicity stops, as the mechanism inside each cufflink is actually composed of 38 different components—not surprising given Richard Mille's previous expertise in watch-making. So for a yet-to-be confirmed-but-probably-incredibly-expensive-sum you're buying an accessory that's as stylish as it is functional. Although, the limited two-year warranty could be a deterrent for secret agent types who are seemingly always escaping dangerous situations. [Richard Mille via Perpetuelle]


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