Over-Engineered Speaker Cables? Nope, Actual Speakers

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Do you live in a bizarre, warped, Escher-style home that's made installing a booming sound system next to impossible? The Anakonda KAN200 might look like a well shielded audio cable, but it's actually a flexible speaker designed to squeeze into spots where traditional boxy speakers don't fit, but still require jam pumping.

Flexible enough to even be wrapped around a pole, the Anakonda KAN200 can be mounted to curved surfaces or other irregularly shaped architecture, and up to 32 of them can be daisy-chained together to cover large spaces.

At over six-and-a-half feet long the Anakonda speakers are aptly named since installation is probably like wrestling a large snake, and at $900 per section they're actually not outrageously priced as far as high-end home audio gear goes. But unlike a real snake, let's hope these are properly balanced so they don't hiss. [K-array via Gizmag]

Illustration for article titled Over-Engineered Speaker Cables? Nope, Actual Speakers

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Fuck the wondering here are the specifications:

Speaker power handling 150 W(AES)
Max power 300 W (1)
Impedance 64 Ω
Frequency range 150 Hz – 18 KHz +/- 6dB (2)
SPL 1W/1mt 86 dB (3)
Maximum SPL 96 dB continuous – 102 dB peak (4)
Horizontal 160°
Vertical 10°
Type External cross over required
Frequency 150Hz, 24dB/oct suggested minimum
Full-range 8 x 1” Neodymium cone driver with 0.75” voice coil
Power Audio Input
Connectors 2 x 4-pin speakon (1 female, 1 male)
Wiring 1+ 1- (signal IN & LINK) 2+ 2- (Through)
Recommended Amplifiers
KA40 for up to 16 units each channel and KMT12 or KMT18 for up to 8
IP 55
Dimensions 201.9 x 5.6 x 3.53 cm (79.5” x 2.2” x 1.4”)
Weight 1.4 Kg (3.09 lbs)
Notes for data
1. Maximum RMS applicable power for a musical signal. The reference signal is the one proposed
by EIAJ standard;
2. With dedicated preset;
3. Mesured @8 m, then scaled @1 m;
4. Mesured with musical signal;
New materials and design are introduced into existing products without previous notice. Present