Owen E1 Ereader Suits Dirty-Fingered Readers

Illustration for article titled Owen E1 Ereader Suits Dirty-Fingered Readers

Yet another ereader has floated face-up to the surface of the pool, with Owen's E1 being one of the smallest around. The screen is a small 5-inches (compared to say, the Kindle, which is 6-inches).


I don't know if you've noticed, but apart from COOL-ER's crazy-colorful models, most ereaders tend to be white for some inexplicable reason. It's nice to see Owen has given a thought to the dirty-digited, with this sensible black one.

Internally, specs sound basic, though it does have MP3 player functionality. As to whether it'll launch outside of China, that remains to be seen—but for now, let's just hope that the other manufacturers take inspiration from this daring non-white or silver model. [PMP Today]

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RuBBa_cHiKiN: North Gizmodo is Best Gizmodo

Hmm, e-readers aren't necessarily something I want to see become smaller. Mainly because well, it's harder to read on a smaller screen, and some people are just more comfortable having the whole page fill the screen.