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This product is so simple, you've got to wonder why nobody thought of it sooner. Oh, that's right, the iPod has stolen the entirety of the accessory industry's innovation, because some people apparently need laser pointers attached to their MP3 player. Owltech offers a keyboard called the "OWL-KB109PBX" which has—get ready—storage space underneath. In fact, you can fit about 7 CDs, some pens, and other crap you likely have sitting on your desk right now (like your iPod, for instance).

I was about to write something about Japanese people being so innovative, but a quick google search led me to a product called "The Keyboard Organizer," which appears to be the exact same thing. While the Owltech version costs about 1780 yen and offers multimedia keys, it's a Japanese keyboard, meaning most Gizmodo readers probably aren't interested, at least on a 'must own' basis. The Keyboard Organizer appears to cost about $25 USD. It's a fluke: a Japanese item actually costs less than its American counterpart! What's next, a PS2 that's cheaper than an Xbox? (Oh, wait...)


Product Information [Owltech]
Official Site [The Keyboard Organizer]

Update: Reader Matthew Stephan found a US-key version for $20.
Catalog Page [ContainerStore]