Pac-Man Lights Won't Chomp Your Wall or Attract Ghosts

Illustration for article titled Pac-Man Lights Wont Chomp Your Wall or Attract Ghosts

This Pac-Man modular lighting system from French company Remake will fire up anyone with latent '80s videogame nostalgia within them. The glowing bricks interlock, so you can build your own maze complete with ghosts, power dots and of, course, the yellow chomper himself.


Sadly, it's a static set-up, so you won't spend ages hypnotized by Blinky, Inky, Pinky and Clyde's attempts to catch the little yellow pill-gobbler. It should, however, let those memories of hours spent feeding quarters into a machine down at the arcade come flooding back. On display at the recent Maison & Objet 2008 show in Paris, we don't know if the Pac-Man lighting system is available to buy yet. [Technabob]

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That's really cheap and nasty looking. If someone had knocked this together in their bedroom I'd be impressed but for a commercial product it looks damn shoddy.