Packed Full of Wilderness Survival Tools This Card Is More Useful Than a Visa

If your vacation has you visiting one of the world’s great metropolitan cities, your credit card is probably the most valuable tool in your pocket. But if the great outdoors is your preferred way to relax, this Wilderness Survival Card is far more useful in the event of an emergency.


The lightweight metal card breaks down into an impressive number of survival tools including nine fishhooks, arrowheads, spear tips, an awl, two sewing needles, saw blades, snare locks, and a tiny pair of tweezers. When combined with items foraged in the wilderness, experienced survivalists will be able to hunt, trap, fish, build a shelter, and even sew new clothes.

How is that not totally worth the $13 asking price? You could keep an entire stack of these in a cabin or a cottage and grab one whenever you headed out for a hike or an overnight adventure as insurance for a safe return.

[Readyman via Bless This Stuff]


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