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Palm Centro Leaked Official Shot

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Palm Centro has been courting much attention lately thanks to a host of blurry pictures and news of its diminutive stature. Today we have the first (leaked) press photo shot of the device and it does not look half bad.

We have no news in the way of clarified specification from that of what has already been reported. The main details are; the device shall run on EVDO and it shall be pitched at the youth market. Further, the full QWERTY keypad will be complimented by a touchscreen and the price will be a speculated, very reasonable, $99. Sprint shall have exclusive rights for 90 days, after the 90 days mark a free for all shall likely ensue.


The new picture shows a sophisticated looking device, not only will it be the smallest Treo to date, but the supposed youth market orientation may have been altered from earlier suggestions. After all, the colour scheme looks sophisticated and the youth only like their devices in a generic, iPod white plastic finish, as depicted in earlier shots. No official word on specification or release date as yet, but we will keep you posted. (Hey, it's what we do; don't sweat it).