Unconfirmed: More Palm Gandolf (Treo 5XX) Details

Still intrigued by Palm's ode to TV's most famous mobster/family man? Then we've got some Palm Gandolf details for you.


Apparently, thanks to its lackluster feature set, Palm will name this series the Treo 5XX. There will be a version running Windows Mobile 6 Standard (the non-touchscreen smartphone edition) and another with the Palm OS. There's a 2.4-inch QVGA display, 3G + HSDPA, 256MB onboard storage, 64MB RAM, Bluetooth 2.0 and it measures 117 x 65 x 13.8 mm.

From the specs, it seems like this could be the Treo for the common man who's not big into fancy smartphones. That's probably what Palm's aiming for, seeing as they're releasing the Gandolf in various colors as well.

">Exclusive: Palm Gandolf specifications [Intomobile via WM Experts]

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