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Morning Paper a news blog, claims to have pictures and information on the new Palm Gandolf. They say it features "qwerty keypad, Palm OS, Bluetooth, Camera, Micro SD Memory Card and...Rev A data capability." And it will run $200.


Real or not, I do appreciate a good newspaper-type Photoshop job. It's a throwback to an earlier era when people Scotch-taped their visions of flying carriages and portable jukeboxes.
Thanks Paul!

Gandolf! Different View! [morningpaper]

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That would be...a treo? I mean, that's just what the treo dialing screen looks like. Plus, the last palm to have a qwerty keyboard would have been the Tungsten C or W...both of which were huge flops. I'd buy that though...much better than my ol' Treo 650.