Palm Pre GSM Version "in a Few Months" and There's a Special Line for iPhone Converts

From our Palm at All Things Digital liveblog with Jon Rubinstein and Roger McNamee: Jon confirms that the Palm Pre GSM is coming "in a few months."

Roger also confirms that there's a special line for iPhone converts: "Of course, the line wraps around uranus." Oh, that Roger. [All Things Digital Coverage]

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When the iPhone came out, it was enough of an improvement for me to switch, and I've been glad I did ever since. Now that the Pre is coming out, I have to say that I'm impressed. But I question if it's enough to switch again? Like Going from VHS > DVD > BluRay. Yeah, each format brings it's improvements, but is the improvement from iPhone to Pre enough to keep jumping. My first gen iPhone contract ends on Dec of this year, and I think I'll continue to stay on the iPhone train for the next two years at least.

Although, I've mostly been using Gmail and GCal for my scheduling. So at least that portion of my life would switch over easily. And iTunes integration for Pre would make the music element easier too.