Palm Pre May Be a Best Buy Exclusive, At Least For a Few Months

Illustration for article titled Palm Pre May Be a Best Buy Exclusive, At Least For a Few Months

WebOS Arena (jeez, that didn't take long) is reporting that the Palm Pre will be exclusive to Best Buy Mobile (and Sprint stores, obviously) for its first two months, citing a "credible source".


This wouldn't be totally surprising, as Sprint has previously given Best Buy such privileges, most notably in the case of the Samsung Instinct. For a short time, Best Buy was also the only place outside of an Apple Store where a customer could purchase an iPhone—news that seemed to point to Best Buy as the de facto king of meatspace mobile shopping. In other words, "credible" source or not, this course of events is a good bet. Note: WebOS Arena, though brand new, is a subsidiary of the long-established PhoneArena. [Source, image at WebOS Arena]



Anyone who bashes Sprint doesn't have the sweet SERO plan. Hello? Unlimited data (no tethering, except with PDAnet(shhh)), unlimited txt, 500 anytime, night/weekends unlimited beginning at 7pm for $40/month! Where else is that possible? Nowhere. Now a phone that kicks the iPhone's ass. Well, my iPhone friends will be taunted and boo'd until my throat is sore. The hell with AT&T's network. Give me EVDO Rev. A!(WiMax phone would be better). I've had two years with my MotoQ, but will most definitely pick up this gem when it hits.