You'd be crazy to grab any Palm piece now with the Pre imminent, but if you're a Sprint WinMo masochist, the Pro's available for $250 with two-year deal. Update: Whoopsie, Sprint didn't mean to.

Adrian, our resident Palm disciple, found the Treo Pro a very capable phone, as far as Windows Mobile handsets go. And it was Palm's best-designed phone, until the little pebble of Pre-ness was dropped on us at CES.


Now it's a lot easier to find out if he was right with Sprint's CDMA Pro, as before now it had not been subsidized by any carrier. [Sprint Nextel]

Update: Annnnnd now it's gone. I guess Sprint hit "publish" too early. One would assume, though, that the information was correct, just early. Here's their statement:

Sprint inadvertently posted information on regarding an upcoming product, Palm Treo Pro, this morning. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Sprint looks forward to welcoming this exciting, new device into our portfolio as soon as it has been approved through our customary testing process. We will share details on the correct availability date as soon as the standard testing of both the device and its interaction with our network has concluded. Thank you for your interest in Sprint products.