Palm busted out two new handhelds today, and they are doozies. The TX has integrated WiFI and Bluetooth, a 320 x 480 color screen, and 128 MB of persistent memory. It sports a built-in MP3 player, and can be used for viewing video or photo, natch. This is meant to replace the T5, although it has a slightly less powerful processor—312 MHz instead of 416 MHz&mdash. But it's also a C-note less expensive, $299.


The Z22 is the "mass market" handheld. Priced at $99, this one has a 160 x 160 screen, 32 MB of memory, and a 200 MHz ARM processor on board. The stylin' iPod white is attractive.

Will these help Palm stand-alones compete in the Smartphone universe? Given the TX's wireless features, it's got to be an attractive solution for people who want to own a small phone but still have access to a full-featured organizer.

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Pricing for Palm TX

Pricing for Palm Z22


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