Panasonic's Latest Toughpad Almost Looks Downright Dainty

Panasonic's Toughpad line-up has always been durable, but not exactly full of lookers. The 7-inch FZ-M1 may not be winning any beauty pageants, but it's at least a little more sleek than what you're used to.

Details right now are scarce on the FZ-M1, but Panny's claiming that it's the thinnest, lightest rugged tablet on the market. It runs Windows 8.1, is shock, drop, and pressure resistant, and surveved an aggressive toss from a CES press conference dais to an admittedly carpeted floor.


The M1's not for everyone, obviously, but if you're leading a crew of clumsy, tiny-handed construction workers, you've met your new best friend.

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