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Panasonic recently announced a couple of micro stereo systems as well as four audio players that work with each other via the SD memory card format. The two micro stereo systems are equipped with hard drives of 80GB (SC-SX800) and 40GB (SC-SX400) capacities respectively, and are supposedly the world's first CD and FM/AM audio players with hard drives and SD card slots. Each stereo system has a large LCD with QVGA quality that can show up to 7 lines of audio info. The idea here is that you can rip songs from a CD right to the hard drive, and then copy them to the SD card for use with one of the four audio players, all without a computer.

As for the four audio players, they are a new part of Panasonic's D-Snap line (Which is incidentally one of the dumber names out there. "D-Snap"? Sounds like someone in marketing is trying too hard to reach out to the kiddies). They are the SV-SD750V, SV-SD700, SVSD350V, and the SV-SD300. All are equipped with Panasonic's D sound Engine LSI, which uses some audio tech mumbo jumbo to make the audio sound as close to the original as possible. Both the SD750V and the SD700 come with double-drive in-ear earphones which have two drivers for low to high-range frequencies. They have FM tuners, and can receive, record, and playback radio. The SD750 and the SD350 also have voice recording functions.


No word on pricing so far, but apparently all units will be released in Japan come November 19.

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