Panasonic TH-AX100 720p Projector: 2000 Lumens Bright

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Panasonic rolled out its TH-AX100 720p home theater projector, which the company says can toss out 2000 lumens of brightness at a 6000:1 contrast ratio. Its 1280x720 resolution finds its way into the projector via HDMI, component or S-Video connections.

This is not the first 720p projector from Panasonic, with its AE900U DLP projector preceding it, but that older model is only capable of 1100 lumens, so the extra 900 lumens should be a big plus for this model.


Now all we need to know is the price, which Panasonic didn't announce, but to give you an idea, the old AE900U runs just over $2000, so this latest TH-AX100 shouldn't cost much more than that.

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