Pandigital Photo Mail Frame Powered by AT&T's Goblins, Service-Charge Free. Ish.

Whether you love 'em, loathe 'em, or couldn't give a flying fuckaroo, AT&T make waves. They've hooked up with Pandigital for an eight-inch LED photo frame that accepts emailed images directly to a dedicated addy. Not me, an email address.

The first 300 pics are for free, and after that it'll cost ya. You don't need WiFi, as the images are sent via the AT&T wireless network, and there's no service fee. Photo management is handled by Snapfish, and you can use the frame as a normal digital photo frame.


But the best thing about this invention? It's the perfect gift for old people you don't like. Send 'em horrible pr0n pictures and watch them – NO. My resolution for 2010 is to be nicer to everyone.

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