Papasan Convertible Is LA's New Laid-Back Approach to Fighting Traffic

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Angelenos stuck in gridlock have high hopes for the opening of the Expo Line, which will bring rail transit to the western half of the city for the first time in 50 years. But stealing all the LA transportation headlines is another solution for improving the commute—a car made from a papasan chair.

Car is maybe the wrong term. This is a masterpiece.

The modified electric wheelchair has been spotted by the local Reddit community several times while scooting around near the 405 Freeway. The papasan is most likely to be found gliding down a West LA sidewalk or doing donuts in a karaoke bar parking lot. And don’t worry, this extra-wide vehicle doesn’t hog two parking spaces; it has been seen locked up to bike racks.

Multiple photos and videos have surfaced of the motorized chair and its passengers, a young, freewheeling couple who are apparently all too happy to indulge the papasan paparazzi.

Posted to Reddit by reasonswhyidrink

The papasan convertible EV looks to be a late ’70s model with all-wheel drive and excellent turning radius. Features include bongwater-stained brown upholstery with a 150-thread count ottoman cover. It seats two, although it looks like you could probably get a third person in there if they scooched over a bit. Now this is the future of rideshare.

[r/LosAngeles via @CMonstah]

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