Paris Hilton Accused of Hacking Lindsay Lohan's Blackberry

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No longer will hacker wars be limited to Zero Cool and Acid Burn. Now the big name superstars are getting involved in l33t hax0r1ng. Paris Hilton has been accused of hacking Lindsay Lohan's Blackberry and sending "disgusting and very mean" messages from Lohan's phone.

Hilton has been accused of this crime because the "wording of the messages sounds very familiar" according to Lohan's spokeswoman, Leslie Sloane. Hilton's representive essentially replied "She didn't do it, you sux0r." From which Lohan's crew replied "Nuh huh, st00pid n00b." Hilton is currently ganking Lohan up and down the streets of Hollywood.


Hinton Denies Lohan Blackberry Hacking [Via The Raw Feed]

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