Parrot Mimics Ringtone to Torture His Owner

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Parrot "Billy" is the newest contender for Official Gizmodo Mascot 2007, were such contests to exist (which though they may, we'd never award a bird the honor since birdfights aren't all that lucrative). Whenever his keeper leaves the room, the parrot mimics his cellphone ringer, sending the man into a mad dash for his phone...only to be laughed at by a bird.


But the best part? The owner has changed his ringer five times, but the bird keeps learning the new tunes, including Nokia theme, Mambo Number 5, the BBC Match of the Day tune, Soul Limbo and No Woman No Cry. And it's funny because we're sitting over here, where one doesn't deal with the mad dashes across the house...or the guilt of eating chicken. [thesun via spluch]



@Noobs-R-Us: You'd better keep the cage locked at night, so the parrot doesn't gnaw through your skull.