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Pat Robertson Says Demons Can Curse Your Unborn Child Through Facebook

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Every morning, amateur Nostradamus impersonator and otherwise horrible human Pat Robertson answers your questions about keeping the faith in a world gone to hell. One way to do that? Stop posting ultrasounds on Facebook, lest "some cultist" or "coven" curse your unborn child through the awesome powers of social media. Zuckerberg what have you wrought.

This little bit of advice came in response to a question from a concerned grandma-to-be, whose daughter was sharing her newfound joy with the people she loves and cares about. Which is abhorrent:

There are demons and there are evil people in the world. You post a picture like that and some cultist gets hold of it or a coven and they begin muttering curses against an unborn child. This business of posting the most intimate parts of your body on Facebook, I just can't see it. To me, it's abhorrent. It ain't necessarily unbiblical, it's just abhorrent.


So, boys and girls, if a demon tries to friend you on Facebook, do not accept. Whether or not Beelzebub's untiring and devoted henchmen can access your immortal soul through Instagram, however, remains to be seen.

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