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Paul McCartney: My Phone Was Hacked

Illustration for article titled Paul McCartney: My Phone Was Hacked

Paul McCartney revealed today that his phone was possibly hacked. Sir Paul is on tour in the US and will discuss this hacking with police when he returns to Britain.


His revelation comes hot on the heels of his ex-wife's claim that her phone was hacked in 2001. Heather Mills, who was married to McCartney from 2002 to 2008, believes her voicemail was improperly accessed by a journalist from Mirror Group Newspapers. This reporter allegedly contacted Mills and repeated an apologetic voice message from McCartney.

A spokesman for the Mirror Group refused to comment and Piers Morgan, the Chief Editor of the Daily Mirror during the time of this incident, called Ms. Mills' allegation "unsubstantiated." [BBC]


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If it was the first time, I'm sure Paul would let it slide, but this ever changing world in which we live in makes Paul want to give in and cry "Live and let die"