Everything looks different when it's sped up. Now there's an easy way to shoot time lapse sequences using a digital SLR. The Pclix LT100 Time-Lapse Trigger lets you choose any interval, from one second to 100 hours, and you can also open the shutter for up to an hour. It fits most cameras, and it's $139.95 plus cables for your DSLR are between $12.95 and $39.95.

Think about this: each individual image you shoot with a digital SLR has extremely high definition compared to 1080p video. Put that camera on a tripod, pop off a few hundred frames, then edit them together and boom, you have yourself a kick-ass HD sequence of clouds floating by, the sunset, or anything else you can imagine. Neat.


Product Page [Visual Effects, Inc. via Oh Gizmo]