Pear Cable Withdraws from James Randi's $1M Challenge

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According to the James Randi foundation, Pear Cable's (chickens!) CEO Adam Blake (chicken!) has withdrawn his help to Michael Fremer, the Stereophile Magazine writer who accepted Randi's $1,000,000 challenge, and was ready to prove that he can blindly detect the difference between $7,250 Pear (chickens!) Anjou cables and their Monster Cable equivalent:

At the request of Michael Fremer, with whom we have been communicating regarding his challenging of your assertions regarding high-end audio cables, we would like to inform you directly of Pear Cable's [chickens!] decision to not participate in your claimed challenge. While we support Mr. Fremer's efforts, and believe firmly in the performance of our products, we [chickens!] prefer that he simply use his own reference cables in his proposed test.


That email was received by the James Randi Educational Foundation and basically says that Pear Cables (chickens!) is not going to provide a set of $7,250 Pear (chickens!) Anjou cables:

While we [chickens!] had initially planned to loan cable to Mr. Fremer for the test, upon consideration of your communications with him, as well as our doubts about the legitimacy of your misleading challenge (including the fact that you now personally claim that almost anyone can tell the difference between Monster cables and zip-cord), we [chickens!] do not wish to be involved. We [chickens!] do not expect this to hamper Mr. Fremer's efforts in any way.

The foundation's reply is that they are not going to provide with a set of cables for the test themselves, so Fremer will have to come with his own set for test. According to Randi's organization, there are "others who have expressed interest in taking the challenge in regard to regular-vs-ridiculous speaker cables" and they will be taking those in chronological order. [James Randi Educational Foundation - Thanks Benito]


Sounds like things are going pear shaped for them...