Pear Cables Make It to Yahoo's Worst Tech Products of 2007 List

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While sifting through the umpteenth Tech Products of 2007 lists, we stumbled upon this Yahoo! Tech list that contains most of the usual suspects, except one of the entries interested us: Voted one of the 10 worst tech products of 2007 were Pear Audio "Anjou" speaker cables, those pieces of wire that cost $7,250 and that one reviewer inexplicably called "danceable." Yahoo referred to our report earlier this year that moved James Randi to offer $1 million to anyone who can tell the difference in a double-blind test between those cables and some run-of-the-mill Monster cables. Alas, while there was lots of talk and bluster, it turned out that Pear Cable wouldn't offer its cables for testing, and nobody was fool enough to spend the $7,250. Certainly not us. See Yahoo's list on the next page.


Yahoo's Worst Tech Products of 2007
1. Apple TV
2. iPod Battery Replacement Kit
3. Microsoft Surface
4. NBC Direct
5. Palm Foleo
6. Pear Audio "Anjou" speaker cable
7. Ringles
8. SunRocket VoIP
9. Windows Vista
10. Wireless USB

Take a look at the Yahoo site for all the details. [Yahoo Tech]


I'm A Different Bird

@MarkB: Vista SP1 is out now, and there's no end to Vista complaining in sight. What does that tell you?

Also, most of us total propellerheads were actually happy about XP, for reasons I talked about above (namely, the end of the DOS kernel, and the improved stability that brought). As well, most of the tech magazines were quite positive about XP (aside from occasional jokes about the "It just works" slogan). None of us, and none of the pros, are happy at all about Vista. Even Maximum PC has been recommending users hold off on upgrading, and considering it's a gamer-oriented mag and Vista is the home of DX10, you'd think they'd recommend it.

And Vista isn't going to be the big dog for the next 8-9 years. Microsoft has announced very widely that they're going back to a 2-year release cycle for new OS's. Maybe they'll actually pay attention to the ration of shit Vista's getting and not fuck up the next version.

Or maybe not. It is Microsoft, after all, the kings of bloat and bad decisions.