Pentax K100D and K110D Digital SLRs

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Pentax rolled out its K100D series of digital SLRs, aimed at the entry-level user who wants to have interchangeable lenses and that sweet through-the-lens shooting. Both the K100D and the K110D are 6.1-megapixel cameras, where the K100D ($699) has image stabilization and the K110D lacks that feature but costs $100 less.

Even though these are entry-level DSLRs, they have sophisticated features such as an 11-point focusing system and the ability to fire off 2.8 frames per second in rapidfire mode. Best of all for long-time Pentax users, the company says the cameras are compatible with every lens Pentax has ever made, but don't expect the auto features to work with that old dusty glass from the 60s. First out of the gate will be the K100D in July, followed by the K110D in August.


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