Pentax Optio S7 Debuts

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Pentax updates its S series with the Optio S7, raising the megapixel count to 7.0 and bringing along a 3x optical zoom and 2.5-inch LCD viewscreen. Pentax follows suit with a number of other camera makers, trying to help users sharpen up their images by giving them faster response, raising the ISO to 1600. This gives users the equivalent of loading up a roll of fast film back in the old analog film days.

There are some other notable features inside, such as DivX movie shooting with an anti-shake feature that slightly zooms in the picture so it can be stabilized, and also auto tracking autofocus, which should come in handy when practicing that time-honored art form: fidgety kid photography. Look for the Pentax Optio S7 in September for $299.


Pentax Optio S7 [Digital Photography Blog]

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