Pentax's Trio O' Cameras Features Something For Everyone: Specs, Style, and Cheapness

They made a brief online appearance over the weekend but were promptly yanked off, but now Pentax has made them official—meet the Optio I-10, H90 and E90 cameras.

Pentax is one of those camera brands that you never really consider unless you're over a certain age and can remember their glory days, but actually, I've always been pretty pleased with their compacts. They're no Panasonic Lumix, but when all three of the below models come in at under $300 and look very different to the rest of the identikit cameras out there, I think they're worth considering. Until reviews start pouring in, of course.


Top of the pile is the I-10 which has a 12.1-megapixel sensor, 5x optical zoom, and can shoot 720p video at 30fps. The LCD screen measures 2.7-inches, and in case you hadn't noticed, there's an inbuilt flash unit and speaker. It'll cost $299.95 when it becomes available next month, and will be in black or pearl white options.


That electro-orange '80s model is the H90, and has similar specs to the I-10, but is quite a bit cheaper at $179.95. Of course, you're compromising on the lens, but with all these '80s throwbacks rearing their heads recently, you may prefer style over substance. It also comes in a nice black/white colorway, and silver/white, if that orange is too offensive for your little eyes.

The bottom of the pile comes in at $100, and while the zoom isn't as attractive on the E90 as the first two models, at 3x, the 10-megapixel sensor and 2.7-inch LCD are pretty decent, as is the fact that it takes AA batteries. $100 is next to nothing, but the lack of optical stabilization may put you off. [Pentax]


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