Everyone rolled their eyes at those people willing to pay to be driven around to catch Pokémon. That was only the beginning. Laziness has reached a new level as people who want to play (but also not really) are paying thousands of dollars to buy Pokémon Go accounts on eBay.

One user auctioned off his account for $1,500. This entrepreneur, a ‚Äúbroke college student‚ÄĚ made the apparently convincing case that he had worked ‚Äútirelessly‚ÄĚ to build up his account, which then ‚Äúmakes this a whole lot easier for you!‚ÄĚ The level-21 account has 160 gold coins, 27 hyper potions, and ‚Äúeven Magikarps‚ÄĚ!


Another are only asking a few dollars. I bet they don’t have Magikarps.

Yep, this is illegal according to the terms of service. But more importantly, what even is the point of Pokémon (or any game, really) if not to actually play it? Some people are hiring professional Pokémon Go trainers to make them better while others are just buying Pokémon? Seems like a dangerous violation of the moral code on which our civilization rests.

It’s getting to be dangerous out there with armed robberies and crashes, but I highly doubt people are buying accounts because they want to stay safe and avoid getting shot. Come on. Well, at least for the rest of us, it’s officially cool to be apathetic about Pokémon Go now.


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