People Stream Netflix More Than They Watch Any Cable Network

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In the last three months, Netflix subscribers watched four billion hours of streaming content according to Reed Hastings. And a report from BTIG Research calculates that this puts Netflix ahead of any cable channel.

Richard Greenfield at BTIG reasoned that if 88 percent of Netflix subscribers are in the U.S. there would be 28.1 million people watching 87 minutes of streaming per day. Greenfield told the Huffington Post that:

Netflix is now likely the most watched cable network, essentially in-line with the Disney Channel.


Netflix could really keep this up with Arrested Development coming down the pike. <Consumerist via HuffPo via BTIG>

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Thats why I don't get all these companies (like microsoft) trying to "enhance you tv experience"

The people have spoken, cable is done. Sure millions will have it for years to come; but those people still have land line telephones; I bet they never use the damn thing.

slowly Cable will fade away until FINALLY one network allows ALL of their content to be digitally accessible On Demand.

Think about how close we are to that already.