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If Batman used a portable computer, odds are it'd look something like the Pepper Pad 3, which we first reported on yesterday. Pepper Computer was at the Digital Life preview yesterday showing it off and we got a chance to play with it for a little while.


As you can see by John's beautiful photography work, the Pepper Pad 3 is a little on the bulky side, sharing a similar form factor with the Atari Lynx. Actually using it isn't so bad, however. Capable of playing back DVD-quality video, it won't exactly replace the iPod as your main portable video device, but surfing the Web on its rather spacious screen was one of the better things at the show. If there was a fault, it was, again, that it seemed a little on the big side, with the final weight of the unit still being determined. Look for it in August, unless they delay it again.

Product Page [Pepper Computer]