Perfume Phone Leads Us to Ask Why? Why?

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Forget spritzing some scent on your wrists and neck. Obviously, it's much better if your perfume can just be released into the air every time you open your cellphone. Adds a certain, je ne sais quoi, non? Well, it adds something alright. Like a whopping $1200 price tag. I mean, I know many of you have been cursing your stinky RAZR keypads (Behind The RAZR : From Highbrow and Stylin to Smelly and Cheap), but this may be going over the top. The Hyundai MP280, is a clamshell phone with changeable cover panels and a syringe that allows you to add your own perfume to the phone. The company says just about 2 drops of any scent will last about 8 hours. A butterfly is in the center of the phone and marks the spot where you do your injections. Not so sure I'd want my kids playing with a needle filled with alcohol—very Motley Crue—but hey, it's all in good fun right?


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