Perhaps the Best Beer Bot Ever To Grace a Dorm Room

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There are dorm room beer bots and then there are dorm room beer bots. This iPhone-controlled, webcam-equipped, Twitter-posting brew cannon is some serious graduate-level work. Yep, that'd be a beer-dispensing air cannon you aim with your smartphone.


My friends and I had all sorts of beer refrigeration apparatuses throughout our four years in college—old vending machines, industrial-size coolers, kegerators of varying quality—and I've seen plenty of impressive beer-vending robots on the internet over the years. None of them have quite wowed me like this one.

Posted by one "personalbeerrobot" on YouTube, this mini fridge combines the obvious pleasure of being served a beer with the distinct joy of firing something out of an air cannon and the familiar convenience of getting things done on your smartphone. It's like a perfect storm! Of being lazy and shooting shit out of a cannon and getting drunk.

The features, as enumerated by its creator:

Vends 4 types of beer
Broadcasts temperature
Adjust temperature via iPhone
Aim via webcam
Auto tweet video per shot
Fire beer with 50psi of deliciousness

The enterprising student who created the so-called personal beer robot says he might sell the design once he tweaks things a bit—"I smashed my lamp with a PBR last night," he reports—but in the meantime I just hope someone gives him a wedgie for letting Bud Light Lime get involved in all this awesome. [YouTube via Break]


I agree the world needs a decent beer serving robot, but this is not it. First of all, they need to stock it with beer and not children's drinks. Bud Light Lime? PBR? I hope that robot aims for your nuts.

Second of all, beer should be served in a glass, not thrown across the room.