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Person Dies Trying to Win Nintendo Wii?

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It's the first day back from the glitz and glamor of CES and what do we have to report? Well, it looks like a woman died in a radio contest trying to win a Nintendo Wii. The contest, called "Hold you wee for a Nintendo Wii," had contestants drink large amounts of water without being able to use the bathroom. Early reports suggest that the woman died of water intoxication. The contest was part of the Kidd Chris show the "Morning Rave," which seems to have just won the prize for Dumbest Radio Contest Ever. (The previous record holder was Opie & Anthony's "Sex for Sam 3," or "Son of Sam 3" as some people mistakingly call it.) Kinda makes this t-shirt a little less funny now.


Coroner: Water Intoxication May Have Killed Woman []

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This is not a new thing, and not only is it not new, but it's been highly publicized in enough places that these radio hosts should have known that they were actively courting death or serious injury. Several hazing deaths have come from exactly this sort of activity, some widely covered and some not (I get the Association of Fraternity Educators wire so I hear a lot of stuff that's successfully held from national news).

But then, the idea also that radio hosts would engage in a contest poorly researched and implemented is also far from new. I'm mostly depressed for her kids.

I hope that if anything can come of this, everyone who reads about it can at least think of it when something similar is being planned around them so they can say to the others, hey, stop, research, take precautions.