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So it's been a life long dream of mine to ride inside the goodyear blimp. Sadly though it has still been unfulfilled, hell I haven't even been on a hot air balloon. Sky Yacht Aircraft Inc. is looking to fix that with their Personal Blimp.

No longer will slow leisurely rides in the sky be the property of the wealthy & contest winners. The Personal Blimp will hold up to two people, max out at a blistering 12 mph, and thankfully use hot air instead of helium since I have no idea where to get that much helium aside from robbing a local party store. Also, the Personal Blimp will be fully collapsible so you can keep it in your garage, now there's a plus.


No word on pricing yet, but I'm putting aside the $2,600 I had saved up for a PS3, on a Personal Blimp down payment instead. See a video of the Personal Blimps first 360 degree turn after the jump.

Skyacht [New Launches]
Personal Blimp [Personal Blimp]


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